Move-out and Move-in Cleaning Ideas

Spring and summer in Edmonton are the best time to make a move, whether that be because you are purchasing a new home or maybe creating an income property for yourself.

Many of us are looking for a change for so many reasons: better location, a better-sized home to suit our needs, better amenities, or maybe this is the year you’ve decided to rent out your spare bedroom or basement.

It’s the perfect time to look for a new place or put a room up for rent because it seems like everyone gets the same urge at the same time and the market explodes with availability. However, with so many people looking, the competition is fierce and prime real estate gets snapped up quickly. So, make your home as appealing as possible and increase the chances that you’ll get the people and price you’re looking for.

Clean Your Windows

Windows are the eyes of your home. You want to keep them clean and clear, so give them a thorough cleaning – preferably inside and out.

How to Clean Your Window Screens

You can just vacuum your screens and wipe down the edges, but for a thorough clean, you need to take them out. That way the whole screen will get clean; all the edges and both sides.

Tip: Do them one at a time or label them to avoid mixing them up.

Here’s how to thoroughly clean your window screens:

  1. Take them out and wash them with a cleaning solution. Bring them outside or wash them in the bathtub or shower to avoid getting water all over your floors.
  2. Clean the inside and outside edges with a cloth.
  3. Then take a scrub brush and gently use it to wash the screen.
  4. Rinse off all the dirt and soap and let it air dry.

While your screens are out, clean your window’s edges. Once your screens and ledges are nice and clean, it’s time to clean your window glass.

How to Clean Your Windows Inside and Out

While your screens are out, give your windows a wash. Indoors, you can use a microfiber cloth or some paper towels and a natural window cleaner.

Outdoor windows can be harder to reach, so a squeegee and a soapy bucket of water is the best way to go.

Tip: Wipe the squeegee’s blade clean with a dry rag as you go.

Declutter Your Home

Moving time, next to spring cleaning (TODO NYSSA embed link to spring cleaning blog) time, is the perfect time to get rid of your clutter. Go through your closets, bookshelves, cupboards, shed, and garage and take out all of the things you don’t use, need, or want anymore.

Donating your unused or extra items clears up your space and helps other people out. The City of Edmonton’s Reuse Directory is a comprehensive list of where to donate your items.

Here are some of the things you can donate in Edmonton:

  • Books you’ve read or feel like you’re never going to read
  • Old clothes
  • Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner you’ve collected from hotels
  • Extra diapers and other baby items that your little one has grown too big for
  • Blankets that aren’t getting used anymore
  • Old electronics
  • Sports equipment
  • Organic compost

Here are some things you should throw out (or preferably find a way to recycle):

  • Old batteries
  • Stained or ratty clothing
  • Stationery: leaky or damaged pens, pencil stubs, post-it pads with only a few sheets left
  • Magazines, old flyers, receipts, unopened mail, receipts

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

You can really make an impression with a lovely bathroom. A sparkling shower and bathtub are very important to prospective buyers and renters. After all, people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and the last thing they want to see when they’re having a nice, relaxing soak in the tub is a ceiling with brown spots, mildew or mold on it.

Here’s a checklist for your bathroom cleaning. If you hit all of these areas, you’ll be ready for buyers or tenants in no time!

  1. Clean the tub and shower, including the faucet and shower head. Here’s how to get your shower head looking like new.
  2. Clean the inside and outside of the toilet.
  3. Clean the sink and counter.
  4. Clean the mirror.
  5. Clean out the medicine cabinet and organize the cupboard underneath.
  6. Dust the ceiling and wash any brown spots.
  7. Dust the ceiling fan.
  8. Replace any burnt out light bulbs.
  9. Sweep and mop.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Deep cleaning your kitchen is another way to impress your visitors. Kitchen cleaning is a project in itself, so we felt it deserved its own blog post. We cover cleaning your oven, refrigerator, cupboards, and sink. We also offer tips for keeping your kitchen smelling great. You can find the blog here. (TODO NYSSA embed link to kitchen cleaning article)

Feeling overwhelmed? The experts at Krinkle Klean in Edmonton can help!

Cleaning your home can be a chore, but Krinkle Klean offers professional residential cleaning services to make your life a little easier. We can help you with your move-out and move-in cleaning and we can come in and clean as often as you’d like.

You can learn more about the services we offer here. 


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