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Kitchen – Includes (cabinets, sinks, appliances, counter top, backsplash, garbage, tables, chairs, light fixtures, small appliances) *

Dusting – Includes (baseboards, door frames, window sills, light fixtures, fans, woodwork, furniture, picture frames, chandeliers, stairs handrail, under furniture, making the beds, blinds, cobwebs, mirrors)

Bathrooms – Includes (cleaning and disinfecting tub/shower, sink, countertop, toilet, door frames, window sills, baseboards, cobwebs, cabinets, floors, door, light fixtures, mirror, picture frames, garbage, 3 fold towels)

Vacuuming and Washing Floors – Includes (vacuum all the floors, under beds, upholstery furniture, mats, rugs, washing floor by hand or/mopping the floors with your mop system)