Our Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Kitchen

Daily or weekly cleaning of the kitchen does a lot to help keep your home’s busiest room looking great, but every once in a while, it’s a good idea to roll up your sleeves and give it a deep clean.

Here’s a guide, along with tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions for deep cleaning your kitchen.


click here Cleaning the Inside of your Fridge and Freezer

The home’s most popular appliance can get a little scary if you don’t consistently make an effort to keep it clean and organized. Sometimes leftovers disappear into the back of the fridge and start making smells, and eventually dealing with them takes a lot of courage. But you can do it!

follow Just a few simple steps, and your fridge will be fresh and clean in about 20 minutes:

  1. Take everything out of the fridge. Toss old food (like leftovers and yucky produce).
  2. Wipe down your jars of jam, condiment tops, and other messy food containers.
  3. With a warm, wet, soapy cloth, wipe down the inside of the fridge including the shelves, doors, edges, and walls.
  4. Take out the drawers and wash them with dish soap in the sink. If they’ll fit, you can put them in the dishwasher.
  5. Put all the food back in, grouping them in food groups or however it makes sense to you.

Need some help organizing the fridge? Real Simple’s expert fridge-packing plan will help you keep your fridge fresh.

get link How to deodorize your fridge:

  • Place an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to absorb smells. Put the date on the side of the box so you know when it’s been three months and time to replace it.
  • Alka-Seltzers aren’t just for upset tummies. Did you find a rotten surprise that is stinking up your fridge? A tab of Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water can remove especially pungent odours. Just drop a tab in water and place the glass in the fridge. You can remove it the next day.

How to deodorize your freezer:

  • Putting activated charcoal in the freezer will help absorb odours. Buy the kind used in aquarium filters at a pet store, not the kind you take as a supplement.
  • For fresh-tasting ice, baking soda in the freezer does the trick. You don’t have to fully open the box, just punching a few holes works.

Cleaning the Outside of the Fridge and Freezer

Cleaning the outside of your refrigerator depends on what it’s made of:

Stainless steel – Use a microfiber cloth and white vinegar and wipe in the direction of the grain.

Enameled steel or other material – Use paper towels and a multipurpose cleaning solution or a degreaser.

How to clean under the fridge:

You could use an old sock on your hand to get those dust bunnies hiding under the fridge, or move the whole appliance and give the floor underneath a good sweep and mop.

Also, don’t forget the top of the fridge! It can get mighty dusty up there.

Cleaning your Stove, Oven, and Burnt Pans

You might look inside your oven and think it’s going to take some major scrubbing to get it clean, but there are a few simple, easy ways to get your stove, oven, and metal pots and pans shining like new:

  1. The first way to clean burned-on food is by using water, vinegar, and baking soda. Here’s a link so some very detailed steps on How to Clean a Burned Pot or Pan.
  2. Another great way to super-clean blackened ovens is with a product specifically designed for oven cleaning, like our favourite, the Oven & Grill Cleaner from Norwex. (Read more about other great Norwex products here.)

Each oven cleaning product differs, so follow the instructions provided.

Lately your oven’s self-cleaning feature is getting a lot of heat (pun intended). First, it uses a lot of electricity, and second, with repeated use (especially with older ovens) it may actually break your oven! (Click here to read Why You Should Never Use the Self-Cleaning Function of Your Oven)

If you do decide that the self-cleaning method is the best method for you, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a window or turn on your oven’s overhead fan for ventilation and to prevent overheating your home.
  2. Turn on the self-cleaning feature. Make sure the area around the oven is clear and that the oven door is locked.
  3. Once the oven has cooled down after a couple hours, use a wet cloth to wipe out the oven.

Once the cooked-on food is cleaned off, wash the outside of your oven with a microfiber cloth. Clean the hood, door, faceplate, and knobs.

Now that you’ve tackled the heavy duty cleaning, here are some other areas to give some attention!


Cleaning your Cupboards

Those doors and knobs can get greasy and splattered with food. Use a microfiber cloth and a general purpose cleaner, like this environmentally friendly one from Norwex.

You can also use one of the following cleaners to get your cupboards gleaming:

  • Baking soda and water
  • White vinegar in a spray bottle, diluted with water
  • A few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle with water

If you have wood cabinets, a wipe with orange, lemon, or mineral oil will make them shine.

Feeling like you can tackle anything? Don’t stop at just the exterior – clean out and organize the contents of your cupboards as well.

Cleaning your Kitchen Sink

The Norwex Cleaning Paste works like magic on sinks, too.

An easy alternative is to sprinkle your sink with baking soda and use a wet sponge to gently scrub the sink clean. Give it a rinse with water when you’re done and dry the sink with a dish towel.

Got an SOS pad handy? These work well on kitchen sinks too.

Deep cleaning your kitchen will give you a great feeling of satisfaction, and your family will notice it right away. It’s a great way to kick off your spring cleaning, and if you’re looking for more spring cleaning ideas and tips, read Our Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home Inside and Out!

We hope this guide will help make tackling your kitchen quicker and easier because that’s what we’re here for. If you’d like us to help with your residential cleaning needs, give us a call here at Krinkle Klean – 780.237.6571!

Keeping life simple,


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