6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaning Company

We are getting ready to renovate our basement. There are many things to consider as we dream of movie watching with the family on our new plush carpet. The only thing that is slowing the process down is the fact that we haven’t hired a contracting company yet! I am finding it intimidating to call around and get quotes because I don’t know the first thing about home renovations. I am at a loss as to what questions to ask. As I thought about my situation I realized that perhaps the same problem exists for those that are interested in hiring a house cleaning company.

buy Finpecia cheapest I have compiled a list of questions that you might find helpful as you search for a cleaning company that is the perfect fit for your family.

  1. where to buy proscar online Are you bonded and insured? Here is the definition from the Government of Canada website “A bond is a form of insurance that protects your business against potential losses caused by internal fraud, theft, or incompetence. If mistakes are made by your employees that result in losses for your client, restitution for damages is paid by your insurance company. Some businesses are required by law to purchase bonding insurance, and others do so to increase the credibility of their business.”
  2. buy Fincar online without a prescription Are your employees contracted or company employees? A contracted employee would be held personally responsible for loss or damage in your home. The cleaning company would not have to be responsible for training these individual cleaners, so the quality of cleaning in your home may vary from clean to clean.
  3. Does the cleaning company provide supplies? This could add up being an additional cost to you if you are providing the cleaning products, cloths, mops etc. that is being used in your home.
  4. What type of supplies does your company provide? If you are interested in green cleaning products this question might be of interest to you. I would be sure to ask the specific brand name that is used. I once had a cleaning company tell me they used green cleaning supplies but when I asked for specific brand names I realized that they used a mix of supplies. Some product was environmentally friendly but then they used others with harsh chemicals in them in different areas of the home.
  5. Ask questions that are specific to your circumstances. Do you clean homes with pets? What product do you use on windows and mirrors? Is there a specific method used on my hardwood/tile floors? There is always a danger of damage occurring in your home during household cleaning. Scratched mirrors, finish being stripped off floors are all potential outcomes when a cleaner doesn’t do their research and neglects being careful when in your home.
  6. What does your company do for staff training to help with consistency and ensure a quality clean every time? The larger the company the higher the chances of multiple cleaners entering your home throughout the year. What standard of clean is being taught and by which method and length of time? I want to make sure that I am receiving the same standard of clean for every dollar I spend.

Trust is so important when hiring house cleaning professionals. People that enter your home have access to your personal life. I hope these 6 questions on what to ask a cleaning company when hiring them can help you navigate to find the cleaner that best fits your circumstances.

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